Company Profile

Company NameFuji Denko Company
Head OfficeFuji building 4F, 2-11-1, Shibadaimon, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0012
TEL +81-3-3436-1177
FAX +81-3-3436-1178
President & CEOHiroshi Yoshida
ManagementDirector : Masaru Ogasawara
Director : Tamami Yoshida
Outside Director : David H. Satterwhite
Outside Auditor : Mariko Mikami
EstablishedMarch 3, 1951
Capital100 million(Paid-in) 220 Million(Authorized)
Number of Employees58(as of April 1 2024)
Net sales(Years ended March 31, 2024)8 billion
BankMizuho Bank, Hamamatsucho Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Hibiya Branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Azabu Branch
Business OutlineTrading business for Electric wire / Circuit board
Sales of various electric wires, Cables, Power cords, Optical fiber cables,
Various devices, FPC and FFC
CertificationISO14001(HQ, Kansai, Yamagata, FDIN, FDM, FDW)
ISO9001(Yamagata, FDIN, FDM, FDW)
TS16949(FDIN, FDM)
PartnershipFurukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Exclusive dealer)
KYCON,INC. (exclusive distributor in Japan)

Company Policy

To Become a Company that the Society Needs,
To Become a Person that the Company Desires.

Sales HQ’s slogan

As our customers’ manufacturing & purchasing source, we should anticipate their needs and take initiatives faster than other suppliers. We should be thought-leaders, providing cutting-edge ideas to our customers worldwide.